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Elementary Supply List

2012-2013 Central Valley School Supply List

 (Pick Up Extra Supplies)

4 Glue Sticks
1 Bottle of Glue
Box of 24 Crayons
1 Notebook (anything is fine)
$3.00 for 3-Ring Binder (for journal)
3 Pencils-standard yellow
Plastic School Box
Large Box of Kleenex (to share)
School Bag
Paint Shirt
Ice Cream Pail (with cover)
Sturdy pocket folder for homework/mail
Tennis Shoes for Gym-NO LACES (to be kept in school)


First Grade (No Trapper Keepers)
2 Large Glue Sticks
Markers (basic colors)
1 Large Box of Kleenex (to share)
 6 Pencils-standard yellow
Crayons (24 count or less)
1 Notebook
$3.00 for 3-Ring Binder (for journal)
1 Lg. Eraser
Pencil Box-to hold markers, crayons, etc...
Tennis Shoes for Gym (to be kept in school)


Second Grade (No Trapper Keepers)
2 Glue Sticks. 1 Set of Markers
1 Highlighter
2 Large Boxes of Kleenex
5 (or more) Pencils
1 Box of Crayons
 1 Notebook, 2 Erasers
  1 Bottle of Runny Glue, Dry Erase Marker

1 Pkg. Loose Leaf Paper-Wide Rule
1 Pencil Sharpener
Tennis shoes for gym (to be kept at school)

Third Grade
Marker set
Red/Black Pen (2 each)
Dry Eraser Markers
2 pkgs. Loose Leaf narrow lined paper
1 Box of Kleenex
Scissors, Wooden Ruler
Glue Sticks/Liquid glue
Colored Pencils/Pencils
 1 Box of Zip-loc bags
 Tennis Shoes (to be kept in school)


Fourth Grade             
  4 Highlighters, Scissors, Erasers, Pens
 1 Boxes of Kleenex, Crayons (at least 24)
Dry Erase Markers (black only), Colored Pencils
Box of #2 Lead pencils (no mechanical),  Glue Sticks
 8 or 10 Markers Fine Point, Small Bottle of Glue, Plastic School Box

1 Plastic Folder/Notebook: (for each subj.)
Green-Science, Blue-Social Studies
           Yellow-Math,  Red-Reading/Language Arts,

Journal/Keyboarding-any color
1 Ziploc Bags (quart size) 1 Loose-leaf paper-narrow ruled

Tennis shoes (to be kept in school)


Fifth Grade (No Trapper Keepers)
Pens (Red & Blue), Pencils, Erasers
Dry Erase Markers
Scissors, Ruler
  Crayons, Colored pencils or markers
300 small index cards
1 Large/Small zip-loc bags
2 large boxes of Kleenex
7 Tablets – 6 Folders
Math – loose-leaf paper
Keyboarding folder (any color)
Gym shoes (to be kept at school)


Sixth Grade (No Trapper Keepers)
Pencils (no mechanical) Pens, Markers, Crayons, Erasers
Dry Erase Markers, Ruler, Calculator
Glue Sticks, (1) Highlighter, Pencil Sharpener
Plastic School Box, 1 Zip-Loc bags (sand. size)
1 loose leaf paper-Math, 2 lg. boxes Kleenex
Tennis Shoes (to be kept at school)
Keyboarding folder (any color)
Folders & Notebooks (2 each)
Blue-Social Science