Faculty / Staff

Central Valley Faculty 2021-2022


Ext. 226

Preschool Assistant

Ext. 226

Mrs. Katie Boorman


Ext. 220

Mrs. Sara Taylor

1st Grade

Ext. 224

Mrs. Katie Krogstad

2nd Grade

Ext. 221

Mrs. Tracy Barclay

3rd Grade

Ext. 222

Mrs. Jennifer Fuglesten

4th Grade

Ext. 225

Mrs. Shannon Hunt

5th Grade

Ext. 219

Mr. Cory Sherva

6th Grade

Ext. 217

Mrs. Erin Overmoe

Elementary Resource Room

Ext. 218

Mrs. Kim Olson

Title 1/Kindergarden Physical Education

Ext. 223

Mrs. Brynne Wischer

High School Resource Room

Ext. 231

Mr. Devery Feickert

High School English/Librarian

Ext. 233

Mrs. Stephanie Britton


Ext. 237

Mr. Tait Simonson

Art/Technology Education/Technical Coordinator

Ext. 227

Mr. Dustin Brend

Physical Education/Health

Ext. 207

Mr. Micah Berge

Social Studies

Ext. 235

Mr. Joseph Norris


Ext. 229

Mrs. Amanda Barney

Business Education

Ext. 230

Mrs. Julia Berge

Junior High English/German

Ext. 234

Ms. Linda Dockter


Ext. 206

Mrs. Jill Schumacher

Speech Instructor

Ext. 212

Picture of Betty Ellingson

Mrs. Betty Ellingson

Speech Pathologist

Ext. 212

Mr. Brad Nelson


Ext. 228

Mr. Nathan Walsh

High School Math

Ext. 232

Mrs. Tami Aamold

P:araprofessional/Bus Driver

Ms. Jodi Soderberg


Mrs. Lexi Thompson


Mrs. Katie Andree


Mrs. Jaimie Gunderson

After School Program Supervisor/Kitchen Helper/Custodian

Mr. Tim Lindstrom

Head Custodian/Bus Driver

Ext. 238

Mrs. Sonya Sherva

Head. Cook

Ext. 209

Mrs. Judy Richardson

Asst. Cook

Ext. 209

Mr. Don Eliason

Transportation Director/Bus Driver

Mrs. Lori Henningsgard

Bus Driver

Teacher Qualifications

Notice of Parents Right to Know

In keeping with the Federal Law which requires all school districts to inform parents of the qualifications of all teaching staff, we have a list of our Teacher’s Qualifications in the Superintendent’s Office. All staff are highly qualified as determined by the Educational Standards and Practices Board of North Dakota. You are welcome to view the information in the high school office during school hours.